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Historical Hair: The Little Dorrit Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial!!

Dear Bloggeresses Who Have Hair and Love Period Dramas and Have Been Waiting An Age For Another Tutorial:
Here is the moment you've been waiting for!!! Yes, I know I did a whole big "There will be lots of new tutorials on this blog and which ones do you want?!" You may have been wondering if all my sisters-who-act-as-my-models-and-victims had contracted Scarlet Fever and lost all their hair. ;) But truly, I have had no time to dabble in fun historical-hair styling this summer. Until today.
Eeep! I had to let that out because this style turned out so amazingly more beautiful than I imagined, and that's a bit of an exciting event to a girl who loves to succeed in her hair-ventures. :D So with great pleasure I introduce: "The Little Dorrit Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial". As usual I will illustrate the direction with pictures that I hope are pretty clear. :)
We begin.

Step One:

Curl the hair. Usually I would set the hair in bandana waves (which I explained how to do here) but in interest of time I used a curling iron. Ahem. :P The front of this hairstyle is supposed to be loose and a little wavy, so I just curled a bit of Sarah's front hair to get some volume and wave going. After you curl the hair, or take it out of the bandanas, finger through the curls.

Step Two:
Gently French-braid the hair on one side of the head, until you get to the back. Clip in place temporarily while you work on the other side. :)
Sarah's hair on the left side, and below you will see it on the right side. And look at those lovely sun-kissed streaks! That, dear ladies, is not something that you can get with a chemical dye! That's called one of the bonuses of spending your life out in the garden! :D
Step Three:Finger through the French-braids, loosening the pieces of it and making it pouf a little. :) See? At this point both sides are clipped back temporarily so you can arrange the front. :)

Another shot where she was playing dramatic "hair-model"... :D

Step Four:

This may be the trickiest part of the style, merely because it would be nice to have an extra hand holding all this hair. :) But all you have to do is unclip the French-braids, gather them into your hand with the left-over hair, and make a short, regular braid. Pull the braid a little bit toward the left side so that it falls a bit over your shoulder.
You can see it more from the left side below...
Step Five:

As hair-bands are entirely *un*historic, you may take a section of the hair beneath the band and wrap the strand around the hair-band, and pin it in place, or tie it in a loose knot, if that's more convenient. :)
Step Six:

Using small pieces, curl the ends of the hair with a curling iron. I alternated curling the hair under and over so that the curls would look interesting. :) If your hair doesn't take kindly to staying curled, spray some hair-goo over it. :)
Step Seven:

Add some flowers down the left side, and a couple near the bottom of the braid. :) I used the sweetest little red rosebuds with charming effect. :)

And voila! You have completed the not-so-complicated Little Dorrit Wedding Hairstyle!! :) Here are some of the "Victory-shots" ;)

(Next time I would like the hair a little wavier, and perhaps a bit more French in the French-braid, but it's still lovely. :)

*GAH!* Isn't it simply beautiful?!? I was surprised at how gorgeous it turned out! Especially with the red roses. :) This style is perfect for a 1800's ball, a wedding, or any other special occasion when some timeless elegance is required! :) I hope you enjoyed this hair-tutorial, and that you found the directions clear enough. Tell me what you think? Do you have any suggestions for following historical-hair tutorials? And as always, would you like me to do more of these how-tos?

"You may ask, 'How did this tradition get started?' and I will tell you---I don't know!"

♫"Tradition, Tradition!"♪

;) Though I'm not quite as caught up in traditions (especially in that way) as this character, Tevye and I certainly have something in common. :) If you ask anybody in my family, who is the most die-hard traditionalist in our family, I'm sure they'd answer, "Sarah, of course!". ;) I do have to say that I enjoy our simple, but sweet memories of family traditions like:

Flying plastic bag kites in the fall,

Mom reading aloud classic books such as the Railway Children,

The way we celebrate birthdays,

Picking berries in the heat of the summer while getting eaten alive by bugs, but coming home with a full belly, a big smile, and a berry-covered face
Sitting on the sidewalk in the cool fall breeze, carving pumpkins,

and laying down in the "soft patch" of grass on the hill behind our yard. :)

And there are many more small, subtle "traditions" that go on in our family on a regular basis.:)
Do you any of you all have that "traditionalist" bone in your body? ;)
(After taking up an entire post on this subject, I know you must admit I do!)

May I Introduce You......

to Levi Scott Heffington!!!!!!

10 lbs. 6 oz. and 21" long! He's so cute!

Meeting our little brother for the first time! His poor blanket was falling off. :P

AWW! He found his thumb! :) Isn't he such a chunky monkey?

Here am I with my new little birthday buddy! :)

Rachel introducing Gracie to Levi. :)

His adorable little feet!

Feel free to swoon! ;) I'm sure we'll be posting more pictures soon.

The delivery was so good, thank the Lord!! Mom went on petosin around 8:30 AM and had little Levi at 11:47 AM! Only *3* hours!! That's pretty much a record for our family. :) Everything went wonderfully, and thank you all for your prayers! Mom, Dad, and Levi will be coming home tomorrow and we all can't wait to be able to spend more time with this handsome little man.
P.s. Told you our babies were as fat as butter! :D
-Rachel and Sarah
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Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a great day! Your the best birthday-sharing-sister a girl could ever ask for! I love your great sense of humor, your love for taking pictures of our Lord's creation, your encouraging words when I'm feeling down in the mouth,and your, sometimes, mischievous self! =) Your one of my best sisters in the whole entire world, and I thank God for your every day! I know you will follow Him throughout your whole life long. Love you lots! Love,
P.S. (I, Leah, am Sarah's birthday-sharer! When Sarah was 3 she got me as a birthday present!=)

Baby Update! :)

We are all on pins and needles over here...
Mama is scheduled for an induction at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning! We'd really appreciate prayer that all goes smoothly and that Mama can relax and have this baby quickly!
But imagine that! By this time tomorrow...we will either have our new baby brother in our arms or he'll be coming *very* soon! :) It's gonna be crazy though: This little man is the third child in our family to be born on August 6th! He will join Sarah and Leah as the Irish Triplet. ;)
I can't wait to see him and post pictures! Our babies are some of the cutest I've ever seen...though I know every family thinks theirs are the cutest! But truly, our babies look like the Gerber baby food babies. All round and pink with big blue eyes and hardly any hair.
So sweet! :) Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow night we'll have a post up to introduce you to our wee man! (Gracie wants to name him "Trike", and Daniel has declared that his nickname. :) We have a better name chosen for his real name, though! Any guesses? (people who don't already know) Oh! And here's a hint. We always chose a Bible name for the baby's first name. :)

In which I lament my unaccomplished-ness in the arena of music

I'm not sure Pride and Prejudice is good for me. It makes me want certain things....I'm not only talking about wishing I had a hero...though that can happen at times.
I'm talking about other more random things....
I long to have a real British accent...
I long to wear a Regency-era dress every day...
And it makes me wish I was accomplished, like Miss Elizabeth Bennet.
"All young women are so accomplished these days! They sing, paint, speak French and Italian, embroider, write poetry, and I know not what!" ;)
Mr. Bingley is so easy to please. But of course we'd all rather impress Mr. Darcy who has deeper ideas of the subject.
"I am no longer surprised at you only knowing six accomplished women, Mr. Darcy...I rather wonder at you knowing any!"

I can hold my own in many of these areas, but I regret that I am not much of a musician myself, though, to quote Lady Catherine DeBourgh, "I should have been quite proficient if I had ever cared to learn." ;)
It seems silly that I don't know how to play anything beyond a recorder (and can plastic be considered an instrument?) since both my parents are musicians. The Gentleman from Virginia plays the guitar extremely well, and even Sarah and Leah are becoming quite adept at the playing of the piano.
My voice is my only instrument, albeit a very portable one, and I do love to sing. I just don't know how good I am at it. :P I'd be afraid to spend an evening "entertaining" company with my songs. I think my voice takes after Katie's in the Doris Day Calamity Jane:
"I've heard you. Very nice for choirs and weddings, but I doubt that your voice would ever reach beyond the footlights." :P

Anyway, I love music very well. And I would love to learn how to play a bit on the piano.

"Do you play, Miss Bennet?"
"A little ma'am, and very ill."
Indeed, if I sat down to entertain people on the piano they would have to suffer through a halting "Mary had a Little Lamb" and someone would probably come over, put a hand on my shoulder and say, "There, there you do very well child. Now let some of the other young ladies have a chance to exhibit!" ;)
And I never hope to have this sort of a compliment payed:
"You are perfectly right, Miss Bennet. You have employed your time better. No one admitted to the privilege of hearing you play could think anything wanting."
I do love to listen to the girls play duets on the piano, or Daniel playing his guitar. All except one song the girls play. It's not their fault, but Sarah's part sounds like a fat hippo trying to dance. Seriously. It gives me the willies every time I hear it. :D
Mama says that she will teach me piano this fall, if I'd like. :) I think I'll take her up on that. I would like to advance past the "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and onto something more accomplished. ;)
I shall make that a goal, dear blogging friends. To get past nursery-rhyme songs...maybe I'll even make it as far as "My Mother bid me Bind my Hair"...I bet Mary Bennet could teach me a thing or two on that note. ;) ~Rachel

Studio Gallery Intern Review

I Spy an Illusive Piece of Art

Elena Stamberg's mixed media piece “Green Alternative to Corporate Jets” is like an I Spy book. The reader (or viewer in this case) must find a gigantic flying moth, enormous flowers sprouting from the ground, and three mischievous women. Among the teal and purple polka dotted grass, the viewer has to spot a lama hidden between a row of zebras. Next to find are the eight dissolving white rims of dust* in the pale yellow and silver sky. Finally, the viewer must search for 15 orange X marks in the lower foreground of the canvas piece. The I Spy-like art is intriguing and youthful. It's blue animalistic prints on the left hand side and whimsical green shapes add to the chaotic themes of the piece. This is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces of art in the Unseen All-Member Show.

Sarah Botzer
Pratt Institute 2015