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2 Wins and a Winner

I have been incredibly lucky recently. I won 2 really really great giveaways. I was on a roll a while back but it has been a long dry spell for blog giveaway wins here and I picked a great time to have my luck change.
Jacquie is someone that inspires me and I learn so much from. She's very talented and I love everything she does. I won a quilt (yes a quilt) made by Jacquie. This was the package.
And this was what was inside! A mini quilt of quilts hanging on the clothes line. I've admired Jacquie's clothesline quilts and have been wanting to make something like this myself. In fact I had been thinking of this for over a year now. Of course I immediately fell in love with this quilt when I saw it on Jacquie's blog.
I put this pic on facing the wrong way but decided to leave it like that because it looked cute and was different, just like Jacquie. Now I get to think about where in my house to hang it! This is going on the wall. Thanks Jacquie.
And I also won, yes, another quilt!! Can you believe it? The sweet and fabulous Dawn had a giveaway. Dawn is a blog friend and a real life friend. Recently Dawn had a blog anniversary giveaway.
And she drew my name! I was so happy to win something made from Dawn with love and incredibly enough - it matches my new family room furniture and decor. And this is where it is going to live.
And be enjoyed. The whole family was excited to get it and be able to use it in the family room. They ripped the package open before I even had a chance to grab my camera. We even took the quilt to the wedding and used it over a bale of hay. It is just so perfect in my family room I can't believe it. Thanks Dawn!
Ok so Friday I said I would draw a name from over the weekend for this little pack of Hive Squares.
I used a random number generator and the winner of a little pack of Hive Squares is . . .Lynn from Diary of a Mad Quilter. Yayyy Lynn. Thank you all for leaving comments and participating. I loved all the great ideas for using the squares. A giveaway is always fun.



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