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Back From Camp

Hi Everybody! Wow! Seems like forever since we have written on this blog! Thanks Oliver and Katie for joining up as followers! Now if we can only entice someone else to join, we shall be even with Daniel yet again! No, really, it's great to be home! I had forgotten how sweet baby kisses are, how nice it is to take a shower in our huge bathroom, and what great food we cook every night! The week was so blessed. It surpassed everything I had hoped for. I was challenged and supported in my walk with Christ, and calling to be a stay-at-home daughter, and it was so wonderful to have a week of fellowship with other girls who are striving for the same thing. I met lots of new people that I hope to keep in touch with, and the Lord gave me an answer to something I had been praying about by bringing along a young woman who hopes to start a magazine for girls soon and wants me to write for it. I took creative gift making, smocking, and the art of letter writing. The latter was my favorite, for letter-writing is a passion of mine, and we got to sit around a huge fireplace and talk of "...ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings."
Mrs. Foster, our teacher, dressed as a Victorian lady every day. But our class was rather disrupted Wednesday, when the aforementioned lady who is co-director of the camp got a call that her married daughter Stephanie was in labor 6-weeks premature! She was gone all the rest of the day and half the night after that, and the baby was fine! 5 pounds, 9 ounces which, from what I've heard is a whopper for a baby that premature! His name is Gideon Davis.
That day in letter-class we wrote letters of congratulations.
We had a talent night. Sarah, Alaina W. and I sang "Hallelujah, I'm Ready to Go", and then the T. girls, Alaina, and Sarah and I sang "Edelweiss"and "So Long, Farewell". The last two sounded really good, (If I do say so myself :) There was so many really talented girls there! Three sisters played "The Orange Blossom Special" on their fiddles. Friday night was a banquet, and after that we had a sacred music concert. When all that was over, we went downstairs and two of the sisters played for us while we did the Virginia Reel, and the Gay Gordon. That was the last night of camp, so after, several cabins traveled around till midnight Christmas caroling to the other cabins and staff. Then our cabin proceeded to stay up till two. Not a good idea if you don't want to be zoned out all the next day!
We got home in safety, and spent yesterday partially recovering after going to church. I shall spend some of today writing letters hopefully, and I also want to get more into "His Chosen Bride". Which is a book I bought at the camp that is excellent so far. Well, I'm sorry this is just a cursory sketch of our week, but hopefully we shall have some deeper thoughts coming based on some of the things we heard! -Rachel


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