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Bedroom ideas - interior solutions

Classic bedroom is a costly and impractical fun, but still has many admirers. Massive milled furniture still wear them in "gravity" of the aristocracy. To look good you classic bedroom is not enough just to put a solid, classic furniture, should be radiated by each element: put paneling on the walls or decorative borders and friezes from (pictured), the walls decorated with photos and paintings in beautiful wood frameworks, place carpet with ornaments for decoration, do not forget the lighting.

Classic_Bedroom_FurnitureClassic bedroom

If you are a supporter of modern furniture, then you are the people who predochitat clean lines and functional furniture. Modern style combines them in style and functionality features are the contrasting color combinations that stand out podpomagatat items. For decoration of the modern bedroom you can use pictures or wall without a frame or cleared with such plain carpet or rug with geometric forms and monochrome porcelain and glass vases. To suit the modern style of metal materials, glass and plastic.


Dark romantic bedroom


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