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A Brief Post on a Brother O' Mine

Who of you people reading this do strange things with your brother? I personally love having an older brother. And mine, the prestigious, Gentleman From Virginia likes to do slightly odd things with me. For instance, we sit around late at night cracking weird jokes. We love to be funny, or try to anyway! If there is a thunderstorm, he and I are out on the porch watching it and wondering whether it is quite safe to be under a tin roof in the lightening. We both love horrid, cold, rainy weather for a short season,(A day or two; rather English and Scottish you know) and we love watching dramatic weather of any kind. Also, we love taking walks in the dark. I don't know why, but everything is very quiet, and mysterious, and chill, and then he entertains me, and Sarah if she comes along with descriptions of how this is just the kind of night and place that a black rider would like, and then we get a wonderful shiver out of it, and debate whether walking down the road in the dark with only a ditch and woods on either side is quite safe. (Run on sentance...) Then we decide to try it and hear a car, and Sarah says we'll be squished, and so we all dash back to our driveway. (Living in the country is such fun sometimes!)
Let's see what else that gentleman and I do... Oh! We watch commentaries on movies, I read books out loud to him in the car when we go to work together with Dad, I make cookies and he eats the dough, we revel in the fall temperatures and colors, he takes us places and entertains us the whole ride with various bits of nonsense. (Usually he assumes some accent and just speaks in that voice the whole ride, commenting on anything that he fancies. It is quite funny!)
He puts his eye on my arm and squeezes his eye shut when he has a headache, he pulls my hair gently when he hasn't anything better to do, we plan rather naughty comments to put on other people's blogs, but we never do. We are well behaved in that respect! :)
I watch him eat hot sauce and jalepenos on leftover for breakfast. We have a chummy battle over my pickles nearly every time he wants to open a jar. (I canned 120 quarts this summer, and now goodness nows how few are left. I guess I should take it as a compliment)
We listen to the soundtrack to L.O.T.R. and Little Women, and discuss how great it is.
We do lots of fun things! I don't know why I wrote a post about this, but it is great fun being around my gentleman, and I thought I'd write about it for everyone else to read! (Now I shall begin the business of coaxing him to promise to dance with me at the Alexanders's barn dance!)


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