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building blocks

building blocks
This is what I came up with for the log cabin quilt along that Quilt Dad hosted over on flickr. I only made 3 blocks. I know, lame-o. The layout has been in my head ever since I saw this quilt, which was 27 months ago. No joke. It's so nice that flickr keeps track of things like that for me.
It's pretty simple, but I love simple. In place of my usual stippling, I switched to swirls. Daring, aren't I? Quilting the swirls was really fun, especially since I had just fixed my darning foot. The only thing I don't like is that the tread is too dark for the pieced blocks. It detracts from the design. I guess now that I've made that mistake, I can move on and make new mistakes on my next quilts. :)

I picked out a lime green fabric from my stash for the binding. I think it suits it really well. I was disappointed, because I'm on a fabric diet and I really wanted an excuse to go on the hunt for the perfect binding fabric. Sad, I know.
For the back, I used a solid blue. Someday I'd like to make a quilt like this, but without the pieced blocks- just two solids, quilted, with a fun binding. I guess that's why it takes me 27 months to get around to quilt making. Finish one, add one to the list. :)

The quilt measures 41" x 57".
In an unrelated note, I have received 149 blocks for the quilts of valor project. AMAZING!!! Thank you! In all I have 150 blocks, which evenly makes 5 quilt tops. Wa-hoo!!! I can't believe it worked out so perfectly! Since that is the case, I will no longer be accepting quilt blocks for this project, in case any of you were procrastinating.


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