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Creative Guest: Fleece Applique Throw Tutorial by Obsessively Stitching

Hello, hello! I'm Care from Obsessively Stitching, and I am pleased to be guest blogging here at U-Create! I am stay-at-home mommy to two little boys and one baby girl, and am so blessed to have a hotty husband who fully supports my sewing obsession. I've always been driven to create, and sewing has been my main creative outlet ever since my mom first let me use her sewing machine when I was 6 years old!

Today I'm so excited to share my fleece applique technique with you. With a little practice (and one PRICELESS tool), it is actually quite simple to do.

Here's what you'll need to make a "fall leaves" throw:

~ basic fleece throw
~ fleece scraps in fall leaf colors
(you might consider using dollar store fleece
scarves instead of scraps)

~ interestingly shaped leaves
~ white or light-colored tissue paper
~ safety pins
~ a free-motion foot (sometimes called a darning foot) for your machine

Let me explain that last ingredient!

This is a free-motion foot. It is a PRICELESS addition to your sewing arsenal! If you don't have a free-motion foot, consider purchasing one. It will open a WORLD of sewing possibilities! This is the foot you use for machine quilting, free-motion embroidery, cutting corners when you're being lazy (one of my favorite uses!), and -- of course -- my fleece applique technique!

Okay, let's get started on that throw:

STEP ONE: Trace your leaves on regular paper. These will be the patterns.

STEP TWO: Lay a sheet of tissue paper over your pattern and trace, using a pencil. You will want to leave a little space between each traced leaf.

STEP THREE: Cut around one of your tissue paper leaves, leaving enough of an edge for you to place pins in. Place the tissue paper leaf over a scrap of fleece on top of your fleece blanket, and pin in place.

STEP FOUR: THIS IS THE FUN PART! Lower the feed dogs on your machine. This will stop the machine from feeding the fabric through, leaving your hands to maneuver the fabric however you like -- even left to right!

It is a little difficult to explain in writing/with pictures how to maneuver around those shapes, so I made a short video showing how to do it.
**Please excuse my laughing children in the background! :oD**

Can you see why I LOVE my free-motion foot??
(You may want to practice this a few times before starting on your actual project.)

STEP FIVE: Tear away the tissue paper.

STEP SIX: Trim away the excess fleece. Fleece will not fray, so you can get right up close to your stitching line.

Ta-Da! A perfect little leaf!

STEP SEVEN: You can continue adding leaves wherever you like on your throw, turning them different directions to make them look like they are falling. I like to attach them all like this, then do all the tearing and trimming while I watch a movie with my husband!

STEP EIGHT: If you like, you can go back and add veins to your leaves. Use your free-motion foot for this, too!

Here is a full view of my throw. I started on the bottom edge, then spaced them further apart as I went up to make them look like they were falling.

This fleece applique technique can be used for many projects, simple or complex. Here are a couple other things I've made:

Complex shapes like snowflakes, although more time-consuming, are not difficult to do.

You can even layer different colors for more intricate detail!

I hope I've convinced you to add a free-motion foot to your list of can't-live-without-it sewing tools! Don't forget to check out my blog for more fun sewing projects and ideas!

**THANKS, Kari, for letting me guest post here today! This has been too much fun!**


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