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Creative Guest: Halloween ideas by Be Different...Act Normal

Hello UCreate readers! I am Lorie from Be Different...Act Normal and I get the honor of being the guest blogger today.

Like Kari, I love to find great projects and post about them on my blog. You can find anything from party ideas and holiday decorations to recipes and home decor. It just depends on my mood that day.

My current obsession is trying to find the perfect Halloween dessert. My youngest daughter was born on Halloween, so I always try to find something that will work for her birthday 'cake' as well as a fun party treat. These are some of my favorite finds so far! I would love for you to give me your input.

This cake from Martha is currently my number one choice:

It is actually a Boston Scream Pie, but I would make it with a few more layers, brownie instead of cake, and Swiss Orange ice cream instead of cream in between each layers. I would stick with the hot fudge poured over the top though! So it would look more like this cake from Country Living:

But really wouldn't be anything like it at all! Make sense? And then again, I might use the same idea, but do it in individual whoopie pie sizes:

Still with ice cream and hot fudge though.

Or I might skip the cake all together (since actually I wasn't using cake in the first place) and make these cute Frankenstein cones from Creative Kismet:

They are filled with ice cream and have an Oreo on top! CUTE! And no baking!

Or we can go a completely different route like this cheesecake from Bright Ideas:

I actually made a spiderweb cheese cake last year, but I could always just use the moon and bat idea on cupcakes.

And last but not least, the Mummies:

I have fallen in love with mummies this year. In fact I convinced my son to dress up like a mummy for Halloween. I would probably do a red velvet cake instead of carrot cupcakes though. And the bandages could still be cream cheese frosting or I might use fondant to give it the cute mummy look.

What do you think? Which one of these is your favorite? Please help me decide or I will end up making all of them which will only result in a lot of uneaten dessert and a very frazzled me! And I am not kidding. The spider web cheesecake was one of three desserts last year. Please save me from myself!


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