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Fabulous Fabric Friday is back

I always feel like I'm behind in life, but of course lately more so. I'm glad to show FFF today with my little Hive Squares.

If you've been reading the latest Quilt Market News you may have heard about an upcoming product from Moda called Moda Bakeshop Sampler Box. Moda is featuring sample size portions of their fabric lines in packs of 2 1/2" square. I will definitely want some.
I've been cutting samples of Freda's Hive stash fabric and have been packaging them. I'm calling them Hive Squares. They are packs of 36 different fabrics cut to 3 1/2" square. So my idea of little charms from my stash goes along with what is happening in the fabric world. I guess. These little Hive Squares are being sent out to some Worker Bee helpers and are long overdue.
I originally thought about cutting the Hive Squares into 2 1/2" since I use that size so much, but I thought just 1" larger offered more possibilities for use.
The fabrics are 90% Japanese fabrics from smaller pieces of my stash. With some others thrown in.
They don't go together with any color variety or style but they are cute together anyway, I think.
What would you use these for? Leave a comment and I'll pick a name from the comments on Monday to send one of the little Hive Square packs out to. All are welcome to enter. However -
I'm not publicizing the giveaway so it will be just for those that happen on my blog or for my regular readers. It isn't a huge prize but just a little fun bit of fabric to enjoy.
I recently won 2 fabulous giveaways so I thought it would be fun to give a little back. Monday I'll show the 2 prizes I won from friends blogs and announce a winner of the Hive Squares. Shh If you tell then you have less of a chance to win!

Have a relaxing weekend. I certainly plan on it!



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