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Fall Mantle...

Hobby Lobby threw up all over my mantle!

The candlesticks were ugly damask black and white (they matched my window treatments so I thought I should have them. I never liked them) I nearly threw them out, but remembered about spray paint. I may spray paint them seasonally. I really liked how they turned out.
Oh, and the cute sparkly pumpkin on the glass candle holder, it was part of a garland. I got 5 sparkly pumpkins for $10, so $2.50 each. I LOVE them alot, I could snuggle them daily.
Yes, that is a reciept in the bottom of my apocathery jar. I wanted to see if I could get a better deal. Or maybe I will return it after fall and I switch out my mantle (JK!)

Let me know if you Love, Like, indifferent, or hate. We love comments!

I once heard a friend refer to her friends house as "It looks like tai pan barfed up in there! Gross!" (Tai Pan is a fabulous monster affordable decor warehouse). I started out with a few clusters on each side, but kept adding and adding. I think I like the final result. Do you?


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