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Fun Fabric for Friday

Sew Mama Sew has some great new fabric from Lecien. It is by designer Rosalie Quinlan. This fabric speaks to me.
It is called Grandmother's Flower Garden and it comes in several colorways. The yellow with the teapots and flowers/fruit/house/bird/etc. is my favorite.
If there was a perfect line for my patterns - this would be it. Can't you see teapots and little houses and kitchens out of this fabric? I will definitely have to make another Kettles in the Kitchen quilt with this.
The pink is very cute too. I love the strawberries and the little birds flying over the house. And look at the darling bird bath.
Here are some of the companion fabrics. Classic gingham never goes out of style. I like how the gingham is behind the wreaths and designs on the fabric to the left. It is nice to see this line of fabric is being sold at more main stream sources for us in the USA.
This is my Halloween cottage quilt I made last year from my cottage tutorial. I have had the quilt hanging in my sewing room for all of October. I do love it in the Halloween fabric. But can't you just see this same quilt made with the Grandmother's Flower Garden fabric above?

Allison comes to visit Nanny today. The whole family is excited to have her here. And tomorrow is Shelbie's birthday - my Halloween pumpkin baby from 26 years ago. Unfortunately you only see Natalie's face in this picture but I wanted to show the 3 of us together on Halloween 26 years ago when Natalie came to visit me and Shelbie in the hospital dressed in her costume that I made. I think it was a mouse costume (much as I hate mice!)

Happy Halloween. And Happy Birthday Shelbie.



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