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getting ready

I've been working very hard getting ready for the quilt retreat. I've been having dreams about not being prepared, so I know it's getting close. :)

Here's a peek of the most recent sample I made for the retreat. I was excited to work on this piece because I actually worked out of my (neglected) stash. I've been working with almost exclusively scraps, so actually cutting into yardage excited me a little bit. It felt good to be back to working with solids, too. I love them.

While working on this quilt, I raised my machine up on two stacks of books so I could stand and sew. Otherwise I would sit and sew a seam or two, swivel to iron, then I would have to stand to trim up my blocks, then sit again to sew the next two seams. It got tiresome, so I just stood and sewed the entire time. It was so efficient! I had my ironing board to the left, my cutting mat to the right and the machine in the middle. It wouldn't work for quilting but once in awhile, for piecing, it's just the ticket.


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