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October means cake. We celebrated the cake part joining Shelbie and Laurie's birthdays. The cake turned out so cute. Lehi Bakery, again.
The pic of Halloween past in homemade costumes. This was 15 years ago in a rental home while we were building our existing house. I was still pregnant with Mason. It is funny now to look at this picture and pick out personalities as they are now older/adults and connect to the kids they were. Tracey (back row far left) was sick that Halloween. She had strep. You can see how sick she was. Poor kid, what a horrible time to be sick. Next to her is Whitney (Tracey's twin) the new mom. Whitney was a cat. What else?, she still loves kitties. Shelbie is next to Whitney and it was Shelbie's birthday. She has her zombie beauty queen with sash and blood make-up. She and Whitney are striking a pose. Next to them is Mr. Hive. A man of much patience. Front row in the Barney suit is Jamie. She loved that costume and loved Barney. I think Jamie wore that Barney suit nearly everyday until it gave her the "thong" effect. Next is Laurie. I belive she was a witch. But of course a witch sporting a pacifier, so a sweet little witch. Both Jamie and Laurie rocked the pacifier well into their 4-5th years. Oh well, they don't have one now so what does it matter? Right? And then next to her is Chelsey. Of course, Chelsey the princess! She's playing for the camera in her crown and lovely lilac dress. I don't know why Natalie isn't in this picture. Oh, those were the days.
Baby Allison came yesterday with her mom to spend the day with us. You can see from her little chin she's growing and doing well. It was a fun day.

Hope you are having a good Halloween. Bring on the trick-or-treaters!



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