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Hawaiian Bows in Rows

My friend Ashley is having a baby girl any day now. Ashley and my daughter Whitney are due very close together. I need to finish a baby quilt for Ashley as I wait for our own baby to arrive.
I'm not quite done with the flimsy yet but I'm making progress and enjoying the scrappy Hawaiian look to this quilt. Lisa sent me some fabrics from the island recently. I love them. And immediately I thought of my friend Ashley's baby.
Ashley's baby will be half Hawaiian, just like her son. When she was pregnant with her first child I made him a quilt with Hawaiian fabric.
Well I wanted to make a whirligig quilt. I went to Penny's blog to see how it is done. Unfortunately I just looked at the pictures and thought I could wing it. And I did it perfectly for my "proof" block.
But when I went to cut out the fabric for the rest of the quilt I made some technical errors. I just don't know how I did it. But I cut out the parts backwards for half of the blocks. That is what happens when I don't read directions, I guess.
As you can see this doesn't make a whirligig. Sigh. Oh well. I won't give up. My next project I was planning on a whirligig too, so I'll try again. Lucky for me I used the Hawaiian quilt blocks in a different way. I think it will turn out. I couldn't possibly toss this fabric. I'll post more when it is done and we'll see how it all looks together.

Yesterday was my twins birthday. I think Whitney is glad she didn't have the baby on her birthday but I think she's getting to the point where ANY day is a good day to have a baby.



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