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I wanted to post something today, but am feeling as dull as this weather, so bear with me.
Ummmm..... Oooh! I know! You remember reading about my jewelweed adventures? Well, the oil was finally done curing, so I was ready to make salve! Aunt Christy donated some beeswax in exchange for some of the oil, so I was all set! To make a jewelweed salve, you take your oil, and heat it slowly in a pot. When it is hot enough, you remove it from the heat and add a handful of beeswax. Stir it until melted, and then drip some of the mixture onto the counter. When it is cool, test the firmness of the product. If it is too runny, add more wax. So anyhow, I did that much of it and poured my salve off into a bouillon jar in the fridge. But I didn't have the oil soluble vitamin E capsule that they suggested as a preservative. Aunt Christy came to the rescue again with a list of other natural preservatives. Turns out that rosemary is a great one, so when we hosted church, she brought me a bunch of it fresh. This afternoon I remelted the salve and added rosemary. It makes the salve smell so good! Now I am waiting for someone to offer to catch poison ivy for me so that I can try this out :) Presently, I have two full jars of salve sitting in the fridge all by their lonesome! :) Thanks Jessica for joining our blog! We are now pleased to have the honor of a dozen followers!
I wish I could think of something dazzlingly clever that would earn us alot of comments. The only thing I can think of is a question and answer post but I will NOT copy that idea from poor Abigail who has seen it pirated at least twice already! ;) I'll wait a few months.
Ummmm.... this post must go down in blogging history as the most boring anyone has ever read!
So very sorry old chap!
Ooohh! I hear Sarah coming! Maybe she'll have a good idea? Nevermind! I thought of something that is sort of peculiar to only us large-family people: Can any of you lie in bed in the morning and listen to people walk down the hall and know who it is? I can! I love doing that! Dear Gracie is as lead-footed as they come! She sounds like a grown-up half the time! Sometimes I am wrong when I guess though. Another weird thing I can do is tell who it is when someone is breathing behind me, or coughing. (Sorry to gross someone out, but I can also tell who it is when someone is being sick in the trashcan :/
Now to finish this off, and I hope this awful post hasn't ruined anybody's good opinion, what do you think of this blog? That's one way to net some comments! Somebody please tell us that you have read this! We are desperate over here! ;)
In the Dullest State of Mind,


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