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Jodi to the Rescue!

I'm such a fan of the 'post ahead' option on blogger and I'm using it today. I'm probably playing "nanny" while you read this. I've really never wanted to be called grandma so I'm hoping the family will get used to calling me Nanny. It just seems to fit me.
Well after my struggles last week with the whirligig, Jodi of Pleasant Home came to my rescue!! Thanks so much Jodi. I totally get by with a little help from my friends. And this made all the difference in the world.
Jodi has these whirligig templates that she sells in her Etsy store (so inexpensive!). And she sent them to me. I don't really know how I'd ever do this again without them. And this is now my new favorite block. When things go the right way, quilting is just so much fun.
I'm using Jodi's templates to make the whirligigs in the quilt I'm finishing up for my sister Michelle. Michelle has some embroidered blocks she made that need some companion quilt blocks to put together for complete project.
It is nice to cut these out and have a few moments here and there to sew them together. I'm afraid I made more blocks than I need but now I'm ahead on my next project. Thanks again Jodi. They worked out perfectly.



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