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Just a few Snap Shots from the weekend in no particular order . . .

Pre-wedding. The fabulous guitarist playing, Laurie and Shelbie enjoying a soda, the rodeo grounds all decked out and ready to go. The back drop of the mountains - priceless.
Guests arriving. Some sat on stands and some sat on bales of hay covered in quilts.
Harvest items on my porch ready to take up to the rodeo grounds to decorate the night before the wedding.
Whitney and Tracey at the rehearsal dinner at my house Friday Night. Me in background.
Wedding day was beautiful with lovely weather and the scenery was priceless. Groomsmen, Justin, Bishop Cordner, Natalie and all the sisters.
After the "I Do", lunch was gourmet box lunches sitting on bales of hay in the rodeo grounds. Hay bales covered in quilts.
Looks like this was waiting for the wedding to start. We had popcorn and vintage type sodas while the family and friends waited for things to move along.
Soda bar with quilts hanging on the railings. The one on the left is a Pendleton Indian blanket given to Natalie and Justin by Natalie's coworkers. It is so pretty. Then her cactus quilt and the quilt I made from feed sacks that she picked from my stash as one she wanted for her wedding.
My niece and sisters talking behind the popcorn table.
A happy bride and delighted mom. I've never seen Natalie look more beautiful.
At the rehearsal dinner (60-70) people at my house! It went really well.
A great Merrill family picture post ceremony. Everyone there. This doesn't happen all that often. A photo to cherish.
Amazing carrot cupcakes made by my friend Laura and her daughter Leslie. Beautiful and Delicious. How can I thank them for so much work done?
The Bride and Groom's first kiss. The applique star quilt Natalie made for Justin and the wedding quilt I made for them. Sister Chelsey on the side lines.
175 box lunches. Made with help from loving family and friends. Thank you to all my friends for the help with everything from running errands, packing the lunches, decorating and just being there. In particular I want to thank my sisters, Flora, Laura, Leslie and Amy. I couldn't have done it without you. And also to my neighbors that pitched in Vicki (Chloe), Chirine, Robin and Mariellen. My daughters and their husbands were work horses. I couldn't survive without all my big super support system. Natalie and Justin both did so much and Justin's groomsmen did their bit to pick-up whatever I pointed to on the wedding day. We had such nice guests and friends. I could go on but I will stop and hope that I didn't leave anyone out.
And the 6 sisters all happy for their oldest sister. Shelbie, Whitney (due any day now), Laurie, Chelsey, Jamie and Tracey. I love this photo.

Whew. What a whirlwind. It is hard to explain how you can experience nearly every emotion possible within a few lovely crazy days. Thank you so incredibly much for your sweet well wishes and prayer for good weather (it was great!). Now I need to take a couple days to take a breath, catch up, and focus on what comes next.

Thanks go to everyone again for making it the most wonderful wedding.



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