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Kitchens and everything about them

With very large doses can definitely be said that the kitchen is the place in the home where each family member may declare and demonstrate the best way their talents - the woman to unleash their culinary skills, but the husband can occur as tvorets and master, able to make it more comfortable and functional furniture factory than clothing. The kitchen is a place where both are stored at different dishes and kitchen utensils, food, here is where food is prepared with an arsenal of all electrical appliances - microwave and conventional ovens, fryers, toasters, food processors sorts, coffee maker and What Does not. Here in most cases are more refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, let alone for drying laundry etc. In most cases, kitchen and dinning area. kitchen

Therefore, the best equipment of any kitchen is a task with many unknowns, but in most cases no single solution and therefore require more or less compromises. More significant is that each kitchen is unique in itself and requires thorough consideration of every detail before proceeding with ordering the furniture, or to their self-made. Determining factors that must be realized is where plumbing pipes and cross the canal, the location of windows and doors, the presence of niches in the walls, the location of the chimney, etc. kitchen

Approach in planning the kitchen, and depends heavily on whether you are a new home and furnish the room is still empty or modernize existing kitchen and replacement of all furniture or only part of them, while others may well be modernized only by changing of doors, for example. It is also necessary to assess whether the old, well-functioning stove, fridge. For example, will be maintained and renewed in the kitchen, or will be fully replaced with new ones. In this case, even now the question arises: what to choose electrical appliances - individual, or suitable for installation in kitchen furniture. The topic is too broad and deserves thorough consideration, so as to collect detailed technical and market information. Kitchen cabinets

This will add to that the modern masters is incredibly easier than its predecessor, ten years ago. Suffice it to patrol and look more carefully store shelves as Mr. Bricolage, which can be found piled everything necessary for fundamental transformation of the kitchen. Are commercially available kinds of machinery, tools, finished and semi-finished parts, fasteners, etc., some of which we have used and described in this and next issues of the journal project for replacement of kitchen equipment of its own forces, so f. forever in the current principle of "DIY". kitchen

Or to summarize what has been said, the conclusion is that, before starting your purchases before you chop saw to drill and must deal with the design work with pencil and ruler drawing. If you are "you" with modern technologies, the project can use your home computer. Moreover, there is already, and not expensive software (eg Selection of Hettich) for the design of kitchen furniture, which could "hide the ball" and the best roasted master-practitioners, or of most industrial enterprises and workshops which gravitates around the level of professionalism of a good craftsman.

You are required, for example, only sketching the desired cabinet with its external dimensions, number of doors and the police, the computer offers the optimal choice for this purpose hinges and other fasteners, handles, etc., then make a detailed drawing of a professional including an indication of the centers for drilling holes for hinges, dibli and other items. Finally, get printed, and professionally executed innocent drawing.

The computer is still only count, but not thinking machine, so could not transfer the task to guess your wishes and preferences and to develop terms of reference for the project.
So - what should be considered when planning and furnishing of the kitchen. Broadly speaking, the main activities in the kitchen are grouped around three main jobs. Depending on the shape of the room and the goal is architectural characteristics jobs be located so as to minimize to the maximum snoveneto of "idle" between them.
Space for food preparation. DIY kitchens


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