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Lunch With The Butlers

Hi Guys! Today we had the Butler Family over for lunch. We have been trying to get together since Elliott's graduation in April, but we just have been so busy! Yesterday afternoon and this morning, we were preparing and cleaning, (we are also hosting homechurch this weekend) and generally making ourselves useful. They arrived about 10:30, after getting lost briefly (like everyone else does) at the corner that doesn't have a road sign. (Why Mapquest and g.p.s. things take everyone the Tar Road way is beyond me. It would be much easier and prettier to go the scenic way down Garrison!) When they arrived, we did some farm chores that the little kids could help with, and then we stood around talking for an hour. (I can never think of anything at first to do with people I haven't seen for months!) But after a bit the sun got us thinking that it might be nice to come inside and play a game or something. Now Sarah's starting. We decided to play Balderdash which is a game that anyone in our family that has a bit of Walker humor loves. (Go ahead, Oldest of Many, plume yourself on your wittiness) Anyway, we did that for about an hour and the whole time was spent laughing at the ridiculous bluffs, definitions, etc. It turned out that Rachel won, Kendal was second, Leah and I tied for 3rd, and Kelsey was 4th. Just as we finished, we were called down for lunch: grilled chicken Mexican salad, focaccia bread, and jelly granola bars. These are something that would be Popeye approved, as they contain pureed "spinage". No, really you can't taste it, and it adds more vitamins. So after lunch the older girls went out on our front lawn to do a couple of Civil War dances. We actually mastered the Harper's Ferry , which is a intricate and graceful dance, if done properly. Any of you girls, who had been at our "winter May Day" party would be glad to know that we did not tear up the grass this time. :) After dancing the Virginia Reel, Gay Gordon, Spanish Waltz and the Harper's Ferry (all to the soundtrack of "Little Women") it was time for the Butlers to leave. I know you bloggy people who have the beautiful blogs full of pictures will shake your heads, we didn't take a single picture with our camera. But Mrs. Butler took several with hers of all of us on the front steps. They left about an hour ago, after which Leah went down and haunted the mailbox, only to find two little uninteresting pieces of mail. (Now it is Rachel speaking. Sarah says that last sentence had nothing to do with anything. I say Hmph!) Well, that's all for today!


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