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my favorite quilt

Amy is hosting an amazing quilt festival and is asking people to share their favorite quilt. It's so hard to choose a favorite quilt...I would have an easier time listing my top 5. TODAY, I would say, my favorite is my plain spoken quilt. I blogged about it way back here.

I love that it's only made up of solids. I love the quilting, which was fun but intense. It was one of the first quilts that I quilted that had no puckers in it. That was an extremely big deal to me. I love that it matches my house so well. I just pulled it out of the quilt cupboard again last week during my seasonal quilt rotation. I love that it's versatile-it's a twin size but I also use it for a lap quilt.
This quilt marks the beginning of my journey into modern quilting. I remember when I first came across the book The Modern Quilt Workshop, where this pattern is found. That book rocked. my. world. I can't tell you just how much. Before seeing that book, I didn't know that quilts could be modern! It seems a little funny now, with modern quilts all over blog land. But at the time, I was astounded and thrilled at the concept. It was a far cry from the very traditional quilts that I had seen up until that time and it excited me to no end. And as you can tell, I've pretty much been hooked on modern quilting since.
Oh, and one more fun thing, Bill Kerr, the co-author of the book actually commented on my blog post that featured this quilt.


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