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My Really Bad Pebble Quilting and UFOs Used

Before we talk about my terrible version of pebble quilting I'll show a finish and a final placement.
These little birdies started out as an orphan block that matched nothing. Previously I showed progress of transforming the block into a little square table topper. It finally got it bound and placed in my family room on a little green tray that sits on an end table. No one is supposed to eat/drink in our family room (like they listen) so this is something just in case a drink spills. I like finishing "lost" projects. It gives me great satisfaction to feel like I have tied off a loose end.
This is the 7+ foot long table runner I made during the summer out of cottages and vintage fabric. I have been afraid to use it because of the spill/food issue with putting it on my very busy kitchen table. But then I told myself "what are you waiting for? this will wash up fine (I hope) when it gets dirty!" Well, my new son-in-law broke it in with chili recently. And it washed up great. I really like the spot of color and texture on my 9' table. It fits the table perfectly and maybe it will induce my family to clean up after themselves and not leave dishes on the table. Nah, at least not my 14 year-old son!
On to the pebble quilting. I had more orphan blocks and wanted to make another table runner. (Me and my issue of not being able to stop making houses.) After the hours it took to quilt the table runner with cottages on my kitchen table above, I wanted to do something different and quicker when I quilted this one.
Jodi of Simple Home Blog featured Handmade by Allissa a couple weeks ago. Reading Alissa's blog is what caught me onto Pebble Quilting. And she even has a tutorial about it. How nice of her!
So I watched the video clip a few times and wanted to try it. I have to say it was fun. I mean REALLY fun. It was a good change from using my walking foot, straight line quilting and stippling. I have a long way to go as my technique of pebbling is super messy and instead of going around 2 times I went around 3 times for some (makes it way too busy) and my pebbles are not uniform in size. But for my first try I will say even with the tons of room for improvement, I like the effect of the pebbles. I want to do it again and I will.
At a distance on my china hutch the quilting doesn't look all that bad. I love when my china hutch is all dusted and straight.

So you can see in between doing wedding stuff I had been slightly productive with a few other projects. I just didn't have time to show them before the wedding

One more thing. I want to introduce you to my friend Rae Ann and her new blog Cutie Pinwheel. Rae Ann is in my my Alpine Quilt Group and is also a friend of Kim and Lori, too. I've shown lots of her quilts on my blog over time. And Rae Ann is having a giveaway right now. Go over and say hi and enter. Get to know her, she's amazing.

I'm trying to catch up people. Seems to be the theme of my life!



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