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October is Birthday Month

Happy Birthday Laurie.
Today is Laurie's birthday. She's 17. Laurie may be the 7th of 8 in our family but she's an original and completely her own girl.
It is hard to get Laurie (right) in a photo alone because she gets along with everyone in the family so well.
To be fair, we have now 5 birthdays in October. Shelbie (left) will have her birthday on Halloween. Tracey and Whitney (next in photo) had their birthday on the 21st. And today is Laurie's (the one with the hands up) birthday. Mason is just along for the ride in this pic. And now that we have Allison Freda, that makes 5 birthdays. It is a busy month. Add a wedding anniversary to that mix.
This is a typical Laurie picture. She's always doing something funny and original. Poor Shadow is the foil here. But I doubt he minds. Shadow is the subject of so many funny family pictures. More birthday cake for all.



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