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Of Rewards and Old Brown

"Odd's Life wot a title!" you may be thinking, (If you were Cockney perhaps) But there is a reason for such a name to a post. I thought I'd share with you an ingenious system Dad and Mama have used for us children in years past and which has just been resurrected for the youngest five of us. (Everyone but Daniel, Me, and Sarah) Basically the idea is that Mama buys a bunch of little trinkets and things that look rather enticing to juvenile eyes. (and, I must admit, this afternoon I almost wished I was young enough for this sort of thing) Then, each child gets a little chart, or, they are using little paper apples, and the idea is to collect star stickers. We do not give them a sticker for doing their chores well, rather they get one if they do them with a willing attitude. The idea is to reward them for having the right heart. So they know that at the end of the week they shall be able to exchange their stars with something from the "store" which is the tub full of trinkets. But we do have a rule: they cannot ask if they will be rewarded a star for playing without quarreling, or something else. If they do ask, they will lose a star. So anyway, by this afternoon the kids each had around 10 stars apiece. All except for Little Gracie. Sarah and I interceded for her because she hasn't been rewarded as many stars simply because we don't remember to give them to her. But Mama had bought this little plastic teaset with Winnie-the-Pooh on it, and we wanted her to be able to buy it. (She only had like 6 stars) So the way Dad handled that was to not set out the little teaset as something they could choose this week. The items all have different prices: a mystery matchbox car cost 10 stars, a packet of bracelets cost 6 stars, and various little pieces of candy cost anything from 4 stars to 1. The kids all loved "buying" something! It is not bribery you understand, just an extra boon when they do practice having a willing and submissive heart.

So that takes care of the "rewards" part of the title. Now for Old Brown.

As some of you Beatrix Potter fans will realize, that is the name of the owl in Squirrel Nutkin. Well, on the way to the T. family's house today, we drove past something in the middle of the road that we thought was a baby fox. On the way back, we stopped and realized that it was an owl! Of course, Mama stopped the car, we all jumped out, only to be told that we were on a big curve of the road and for pity's sake to be careful. So we chose Sarah as the ambassador, and she retrieved the dead owl. For some reason it was not squished. It looks like it broke it's neck, but anyhow, it was in tip-top shape for roadkill. It sat in the car while we went to Food Lion, and then we brought it home and showed everyone else. It is so beautiful and soft! I love it's feet! As Gracie remarked as she pet it, "He has a pinchy nose!" :) Isn't God's creation marvelous? I would have put a picture of it up here, but number one, I already dumped the camera once today, number two, we haven't quite figured out how to position numerous pictures on one post.

Okay, so that was our day, and please pray for me tomorrow, because I was asked to share about what God taught me this week at Daughters of Destiny in the middle of church. I am nervous, because it turns out that several people from there will be here. Just pray that Jesus will speak His words through me! Thanks! -Rachel


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