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PKM owes me $300.00!

When I got home from Quilt Market, I took a little time to put my feet up and wander around all the marvelous blogs out there. I started over at Pam Kitty Morning's place because she has the most extensive list of turbo cool places.

My oh my aren't you a creative bunch? I landed here (attic 24) about the time I was feeling totally inadequate which led me here (Sarah London) and her work struck a cord with me. I have made ripple afghans, granny squares and the like a lifetime ago but they looked so fresh to me! You know that I am all about colors and happy stuff. So, I visited here, bought these and maybe a little other stuff, ok quite a bit of other stuff!. I'm claiming that Pam is responsible and she owes me 300.00 for the damages!


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