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Processing Our Broilers

Hey everyone! This is Sarah.
Yesterday afternoon, we got a call from some friends of ours saying that they, and one other family, were going to go ahead and process their 4-H broilers, and we were invited to do ours as well. So this morning, Dad, Daniel, Abby, Benjamin, and I went over to the T.'s house to process our broilers. Our birds weren't the biggest ones there, by far, but it was high time they were "done away with". ( They'd sort of been on a budget diet, but hey! We're new to all this and are learning all about it:) Dad, Nigel T., and Benjamin, sort of ran the killing, Mrs. T. and I did the head and feet removing(I felt like a real surgeon with rubber gloves ;) and Daniel, Daniel T., and Stephen T., were eviscerating. We got our 28 all ready and bagged in a pretty short time. Dad had asked if we could save all the innards , etc. to give to our pigs when we got home. Boy did they enjoy 'em! Here are a couple pictures of them feasting on their treats :)
Well, There they are, and I'd better be going!


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