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a run on post

Last week my sister and her husband went to Sweden. While they were gone, their little guy, Adam, stayed at our house. He is soooo cute and such a little honey. He would occasionally come up to one of us and say, "I need a hug," in just the slightest whiny voice. It melted my heart every time. His parents came back last night and picked him up. We miss him already.
My sister brought back this fabulous fabric for me. Isn't it fun? It will go great in some of my future quilts.
Also, it is SNOWING today. It's gorgeous. Early for snow, but gorgeous. I love the light that reflects into the house because of the snow. My kids were VERY excited to see the snow again. I'm sure they will get their fill. As will I. :)
I'm going to be meeting up with Diane today. She volunteered to quilt some of the quilts of valor quilts for me. I'm so grateful for the generosity of her and all of you who are helping me in this project. Thank you once again to each and every one of you who have contributed. It's amazing what we can do together!


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