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What's Up On Our "Farm"

Hey Everybody! Thanks to everyone who has joined! (We're even with Daniel now!5 followers! Hee-hee-hee) (Just kidding) Anyhow, we thought that for any country people who want a good laugh at our expense, we'd tell you about our misadventures with our "farm". Okay. Right now we have 22 hens, one handsome rooster, and a bunch of broiler chickens. These broiler chicks have had their weekend of fame at the county fair which you can read about in September's posts. Now we are just waiting for them to get fat enough to process! They are very ugly and noisy compared to our pretty, glossy-feathered hens, but hey! Who cares when your chicken soup is on the line?

One broiler chicken has a broken leg, so Sarah, who is Queen of the Coop, has consulted the professionals at Full Quiver Farm as to what she should do with it, and is waiting for a dose of their coveted wisdom :) (They have been a huge help with finding out all about these chickens)

We have one Black Giant hen, two black/red hens, two Barred Plymouth hens, (my personal favorite) and seventeen Rhode Island Red hens. Sarah's favorite due to their shiny feathers. The Wright family gave us four day-old guinea keets a few months ago, and they are doing really well. All except "Snow White". She was a cute one with a white belly, and fell prey to a fox or something. Anyway, I wanted the Barred Plymouth hens to adopt them, but one of the red/black ones adopted them. Now they consider her their mother. They sleep under her wings at night! Awwww!!! Now, Sarah is going to tell you about our man-eating pigs! (Not really)

Alright! We got these cute little piglets at the beginning of the summer from Full Quiver Farm, and christened them"Paula and Patty" (after Paula Dean and Patty Sausage) We decided that Daniel would be in charge of their feeding in the mornings, before work, and Anna in the evenings. Well, that all worked just fine and dandy until they started getting pretty big- We couldn't get enough scraps to feed them so that their feed bill wouldn't be so expensive; Dad bought a whole dump-trailer full of old bread for $10! Some of it wasn't even past the date, so we distributed it among the church family(I don't think anyone got mold poisoning!:) Anyway, now we're on our second trailer full and the system is working well. The pigs are mean though. Daniel has the most problems with them - they're always trying to eat his shoes or pants and are pretty aggressive in general towards him. Anna doesn't seem to have alot of trouble, so maybe they're just against males or something.(Daniel and Dad were the ones who dragged them out of the trailer upon their arrival) They probably will be butchered sometime in November so we're looking forward to our first home-grown ham and bacon this winter. Rachel wants to make a ham and pea soup from Paula and Patty and our home-grown peas.

Well, here's a poem that seems fitting for our discussion written by Rachel.

"The Frightful Fate of P&P"

by Rachel

Paula and Patty were two little hogs-
They lived and the forest and slept in the logs,
Through all kinds of weather: Thru' rain and thru' fogs,
And good little piggies were they!

They slept nose-to-tail and the other way round,
They happily rooted the whole forest ground,
And they made lots of comforting piggy-wig sounds,
Ah! Dear, helpful piggies were they!

They grew very fat, very round, very stout,
They looked like balloons that were turned right side out,
And many a farmer they made give a shout,
For fine little piggies were they!

One cool day in autumn, to Market they went,
And really, a frightfully bad time they spent,
For back in a cartload of bacon they're sent!
Oh! Such Yummy piggies are they!

Slightly cruel, but I've lost my love for those pigs after they began to smell! (And they have such mean little eyes! :) -Rachel


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