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What we did today

Greetings all our faithful followers! I shall endeavor to regale you with a tale of derring-do, a story of mud and slop and friendship, in fact, an epic day in the life of... well, us! Now!
Our dear friends, the Wilsons are preparing for the beautiful and charming maiden, Morgan's graduation. I actually have been enslaved as a hairdresser to make more beautiful her Rapunzel-like tresses. You might say I am her graduation-maid instead of a bride's maid. (There, if that doesn't make humble Miss Morgan blush I don't know what will!) But anyway, they are in the middle of a large kitchen remodeling project, and all that sort of thing. Dad offered our services for today, and it turns out tomorrow. But anyway, our tale begins in the dust of a deep, dim, cluttered cavern. In fact, our garage. Dad had an elders' meeting this morning, so he left us a very long list of tools and supplies to gather. Most of them had rather mysterious names such as "flux", "teflon tape", "bernz torch", and others of that sort. With Daniel's help in decoding the words, Sarah, Benjamin and I gathered the tools while Daniel loaded lawn equipment, and then we left. We met Dad and Mr. Scott at Lowe's, and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half there. (It's no wonder that some have nicknamed it "Slow's"!)
After we escaped from that place, we continued on to the Wilson's farm. Sarah and I showed off our weed-whacker prowess, (just kidding) as we whacked their yard into shape. Then I used the walk-behind mower to mow the back area. We helped the Wilson girls sort out a load of pork they had just gotten back from the butcher, and did various other sorts of farm chores until near lunchtime. I was glad that I had packed my mud boots! I had forgotten how indispensable those are on a mucky day! Morgan and I went inside and set out lunch, and now Sarah wants to write about the remainder of the day....
(It's me Sarah, and just as a post-script I didn't bring my mud boots, and suffered having to stomp through muddy fields all day!:(
Anyhow, while we were weed-whacking Daniel had pruned all the front bushes in the flower beds and limbed up the crape-myrtles down the drive way and that was quite an improvement. So after lunch, I helped Maddie collect and wash/dry/put away 24 dozen eggs and then we went inside to make "fudge". I learned today the Wilson's quick and easy way to make a nice fudge and the secret is; Hershey's Chocolate Frosting layed out pretty thin and frozen til you can cut it!
(One more thing leftover from the morning: The Wilson's Jersey cow, Moon, delivered a bull calf earlier this morning, so we got to witness a calf's first day ;)
After the fudge making we cleaned up our mess; we'd been making it on the counter Dad and Mr. Scott had temporarily set-up!
The same two, had been setting out and arranging all the cabinet bases for their kitchen and had to make yet another run to Lowe's for a few things.
Maddie and I watched the younger ones inside while Morgan, Katie, Hannah, Daniel, Rachel, and the younger boys were picking up debris from the yard work and unloading feed Daniel had picked up earlier this afternoon.
Eventually I helped Maddie milk her goats and then the others did the cow milking.
Then we came home, out of the mist and mud.
And that pretty much sums up our Epic Day!:)
The End


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