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a winner and a new project

The giveaway winner is Jessica from Idaho. Thanks for playing along. I enjoyed reading each and every comment. I sure learned a lot! I'm excited to give some the suggestions a try, starting with quilting gloves. I've never tried them, but I'm not sure why.

Over the weekend, I did a fabric pull from my stash for Katie's Values quilt along. (Which is also why I needed my new design wall.) I'm not holding back for this one. I'm going to be using my most hoarded fabrics. You know, all the goodies that I normally save for "some day". I keep reminding myself what good is fabric if it's sitting in a drawer, right? This one is going to be a stretch for me, as it's not in keeping with my normal design process, but I'm excited to be expanding my horizions. In the back of my mind I think, if I mess up all this gorgeous fabric, at least I can make a scrap quilt from the leftovers. How's that for confidence? :)

Good day to you!


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