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An Eventful Day

Hi Everyone! This is Sarah. Today was Grace's 3rd birthday and Mom's 44th birthday! I know that Daniel's already posted on this subject, but hey! Anyways, this morning we worked on a nice breakfast for the birthday girls- cinnamon raisin rolls and sausage. We gave a few presents to Gracie, and while she was slowly unwrapping them, Rachel was looking antsy and agitated. I asked her what was up, and she whispered that the Thompsons were on their way over here for a surprise birthday visit! So we finally finished the gifts, and tried to get Mom to go upstairs and get showered and changed. After spreading the news, all us kids were hurrying around getting chores done and the house presentable for company. Daniel pulled me aside quickly telling me to meet our visitors-they'd just pulled up and Mom was barely upstairs! So, after meeting up with them and letting them where Mom was, we caravaned up there with flowers, presents, and the whole kit and caboodle into the hallway. Mrs. T. knocked on their door, and eventually Mom opened the door to find us! It was a great birthday surprise for her! We went downstairs and she and Grace opened the presents that our guests had most graciously brought.

Then, once they had left, Mom and I started on Grace's Princess Castle Cake. I'd already made the cakes last night and some icing this morning so we weren't off to a horrible start, but it was already around 12:30, I think and our family was coming at 4:30. Here's a picture of the finished cake.
It took awhile, but I have to say, it turned out great!

Now don't think our adventures were done for the day! Dad and Mr. Scott had hooked up and apparently, Mr. Scott was coming over this afternoon to pick up our pigs to be taken to market.

So, after cleaning up cake-making mess in the kitchen, I went on out to watch the hog-tying. :)

Mr. Scott, Dad and Daniel were out there and right as I'd come up the one that had just been caught and was in the trailer, got out! I eventually got in there with the men and brought over pallets and other bigger pieces of wood to fashion a make-shift chute leading into the trailer. (Now Mr. Oliver, Rachel says to say that the next sentence is a result of you not telling us how to catch a pig and us forgetting to ask Will) After about 2 hours, 4 moldy English muffins, 2 carrots, some scraps of miscellaneous food, and a pinched finger(mine, to be exact), we had both piggies in the trailer! Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that also, after wrangling those pigs for a long time, Rachel couldn't get the gross piggy smell off her hands, even after trying: Baking soda, lemon juice, salt, vinegar, soap, Germ-X, and finally rubbing alcohol.
Okay, so after that was all done, my smushed finger looked after ;) , the party went on! The Walkers had already arrived as had our grandparents. We had dinner, did presents, and dessert.
Cleaned up , and now I'm sitting here after putting now 3-year-old Grace to bed; Very Tired.
Happy Birthday Mom and Grace!


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