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The Girls' Chorale

Hi Everybody! This shan't be a long post at all- just warning you! Today we four eldest girls went over to the Thompsons to begin our Girls' Chorale. When we got there, Mrs. Thompson and Maryanna were still at the dentist, so we played a convenient game of volleyball! Then we began. After testing our voices a bit, Mrs. Thompson decided that Sarah and Joanna will sing alto, Maryanna and I will sing tenor, and the rest will do soprano. She wants us to be able to hear the parts when we sing, so we practiced that a bit, and the proper way to breathe. The songs we practiced were Amazing Grace sung to the tune of "Happy Wanderer", "Be Thou My Vision", and "The Whipporwill Song". We had a great time after floundering about figuring out the parts. It actually sounded good! The plan is to learn how to sing in 3 or 4 part harmony and to go to nursing homes and sing to the people there, perhaps sing at church sometime, and then have a concert! I'm really excited! I love to sing! After the class, Joanna gave us apple turnovers to eat!Yum! I have surrendered my pride to the fact that her's far surpass mine. Now Daniel shan't have to make a "diplomatic choice" between the two. As Lady Cluck from Robin Hood exclaims in her thick Scottish brogue, "Ye got me!"
Speaking of Daniel, today was his first time voting- Yay! We are swiping Meredith's idea and having a victory party later tonight. It'll be a late one!
Oh! On a very random note, Joanna leant me her really thick collection of Jane Austen's novels. I am beginning Persuasion, and I am convinced that it does not work to try to read the first chapter about the "baronacies" book while in a room with two sisters playing Scrabble-take-two on the floor, one pounding out the battle song from The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe on the piano, and Daniel medatatively strumming his guitar in the easy chair. I slopped through that chapter and came to blog instead! :) (oh the sins of this present generation of youngsters!)
Well, as that last sentence made me feel as if I were some "tech girl" and must hie away to another bit of Persuasion in a different room to preserve my dignity as a "book worm"! Toodles!



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