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Morgan's Graduation

Hi Everybody! To most people reading this post, all this will be old news. After all, pretty much all our followers are people we are closely associated with. Except for a few, and on that note, thanks Anna for joining! Okay! Once again, we upheld our awful picture-taking reputation and took absolutely no photos of Morgan's graduation. Miss Meredith has generously offered for us to pirate any of the pictures she puts on her blog, so perhaps I'll do that later, or, you can just hop over to her blog and look at it there!
Okay! Formalitites are now done with!
We hosted church today, so we spent all yesterday morning before the party cleaning house. Then Daniel, Sarah and I went to the Wilson's where I proceeded to put up Morgan's hair in a style very becoming to the said young lady. She wore ostamaria in her hair too. It looked rather bridal Miss Morgan! ;)
So anyhoo, we were enlisted as helpers in the kitchen and to serve, so for the first bit, I hardly socialized, because we were scurrying about setting out food. After a quick blessing, we took our places at the food line and began to serve people's plates! You learn alot about the preferences of various people by serving them food! I think the plate that won the prize for the least nutritious was a boy who simply had a white-flour roll and a plop of jello-salad. Yeah.
It was fun though! So we hurried to put the food away, and then we started the ceremony. Such sweet things were said by everyone about Morgan! I nearly cried several times!(partly in sympathy with the multitudes that shed buckets of tears! ;)
After the ceremony Sarah, Alaina W. The lovely King's Daughter and her sisters and mother, and I sang "The Whipporwill Song" for Morgan.
Then it was cake time! Aunt Christy, the mother of the famed Oldest of Many had concocted a lovely cake! Sarah and I had done the shell border on two back up cakes!
After that, we all danced for a couple hours! Maryanna was the sweetest little thing and lent Morgan her Civil War dress, even though it meant she hadn't one for herself! But then Joanna finished a skirt for her in time! Anyway, we all wore our Civil War dresses, and had such fun dancing in those hoops! Morgan looked positively radiant! Mr. Crett, the graduate's uncle played banjo, and Justin and my gentleman played guitar! We did the Virginia Reel, the Gay Gordon, the Spanish Waltz, and the Harpers' Ferry. It was a blast! Morgan opened some gifts next, and we all crowded round to see. All I'm sayin' is that I hope I get such lovely gifts for my graduation next year!
We sang some, played some, and finally drifted home. The End! :)


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