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Poinsettia Party at Target!

I've been tap tapping my fingers, pacing, and calling our local Target store for about a month trying to find out when the trucks would be pulling in to unload all the holiday products. Of course no one could tell me anything except that I'd have to wait until after Halloween. WAIT. Yes, for times like this, patience is hugely overrated. Nevertheless, I waited.

And then...this morning...I got an email from a friend who told me she saw my paper tableware designs at her local Target over the weekend. I barely finished reading her note, then bolted out of my chair, hopped in the car and peeled down the driveway. Here they are! They can be found in the "Cards and Party" section near all the birthday stuff...where I must have spent about an hour staring at them and taking pictures. I never thought I'd be so excited by a paper plate before.
Don't you need some for your Holiday party?? Answer: YES!

Poinsettia Party

In the display (but don't look at any of the others)


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