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Project finished!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, Megan and I should probably have a blog dedicated to Mod Podge. We true love us some Mod Podge. So fun and fast and cute!
Okay, I will show a tutorial with photos when I work on my Christmas one. I am having a hard time remembering to pull the camera out during the process. So you just get the finished product this time.

All this is is some 2x4's in various sizes. Fab scrapbook papers cut to size. Then vinyl letters . (we heart those too!). Mod Podge papers on, add vinyl letters, Mod Podge on top of papers and lettering. Then when it dries, shade the edges to really make it pop. I don't mean "ink" or "sponge" (although that would work too). You need to shade with one of those angled brushes and some acrylic paint. It really makes a HUGE difference.

So now I have my cute complete hand crafted by me project finished in time for thanksgiving. (Jealous meg?) Meg and I are long lost sisters, so we pretty much craft together on our bluetooth and then send photos, or mostly we reveal our craft to each other on the blog. (which is why we are so complimentary on our comments to each other.) most of the time it is the first time we have seen each others projects. I can't wait till we are next door neighbors...(our husbands know we will make it happen!)


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