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There is a serious disconnect between my stash and how I decorate my home. I've known this for quite some time, but for some reason, it's been bugging me lately.

Here's a pile of stash fabrics that I acquired last month when shopping with my sister at Bay Window Quilt Shop. Love that store! The sale they were having was quite good, thus the tall stack. (It was my end of the year add-a-little-to-the-stash-before-I-have-to-be-good-again hurrah.)
In contrast, this is a photo of my couch.
The pillows are made from the Glace line by Moda. Anything by French General or 3 Sisters would fit perfectly in my home, but I certainly don't stash (or rarely even buy) that fabric. Instead I buy bright orange and aqua. Yellows, pinks...anything bright. Does anyone else have this problem? It just seems a bit strange to me.

I had a fleeting thought, which would be more expensive to replace: my furniture or my stash? I quickly realized that it's definitely best NOT to contemplate that one...


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