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Creative Guest: Colour Her Hope



Hi Lovelies!! I'm Jami from Colour Her {Hope} and I am so very honored to be a creative guest today! (Thank you Kari!!)


A little bit about me - I'm a stay a home momma to a studly 18-month-old boy name Chase. I began blogging in 2007, capturing and documenting my husband and I's journey in life, then our pregnancy with our son and so on. Having Chase stirred up the creativity in me even more, I wanted to be a momma and find a way to still do the things I love and to teach him creativity and imagination. I also find the creating process to be very healing. My husband and I recently lost our baby girl and I found creating not only very healing but a way to carry on her legacy, to be her voice and to share her story with the world. My "little sunshine's" are a huge part of my inspiration for creating but also because I feel it's so important to take care of the "me" in mommy. All of these beautiful things combined are why I will never stop creating. :)

Okay, enough about me!!

Now for the fun part! Today I'm sharing a DIY home decor...


 Scrabble-inspired home decor!

 I was looking through my photos from Valentine's Day last year and this photo of the little Scrabble letters became my inspiration for this craft!

Supplies used:

wood - (you can use what you have and cut it or you can check out the scraps are in your nearest lumber yard!)

sand paper

vinyl letters -(you can use stickers too!)

clear acrylic gloss coating spray paint


Ready for the DIY?!

First, cut wood. We cut ours 3 3/8" all the way around.

Sand the wood to the look you like. I just lightly sanded mine so the edges weren't so rough.

Then wipe the blocks down before bringing them inside.

Then it's time to add the letters and numbers! I wanted mine to be kind of similar to the scrabble font with a little twist. If you have a Cricut I recommend using that but you can also use stickers like the ones on the left in the above photo.

Carefully place the letters and numbers on each block.

Take them outside and spray them down; they only take a few minutes to dry. I added two coats total.

Let 'em dry and then wa-la, you're done! I added mine to my little Valentine's day decor, but the nice thing is that these could be used year round!

Side note: the glass bottles behind are actually spray painted (with Krylon, may all time fave!) mason jars and random thrifted jars. Super easy and fairly cheap decor!

This is another way you could display them!

You could also do other words like "joy" or "hope" etc .. or...

You could create a set of your family name!!!

Thanks for letting me stop in today!! I hope you're inspired to {create}!

xoxo, Jami



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