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Creative Guest: The Dating Divas

I am SUPER excited to be guest posting here at Ucreate! I am always amazed at all of the creativity there is out there and this is one of my favorite places to browse through all the super fun crafts!! :) My name is Tara and I am married to one SMOKIN' hot man named Jamie!!


I told ya he was HOT!! {WINK}


He is my perfect match as well as the inspiration behind my blogging....but I will tell ya a little more about THAT after we craft a little!!


TODAY I am going to share a FABULOUS idea I came up with to let my man know how much I adore him. Valentine's Day is this coming Monday....are you ready?? Whatever fun surprise I came up with, I wanted to make sure it was an extremely memorable one.....but also wouldn't take me, of course, I had to come up with an amazing idea, right!?!


A couple years ago - I created a Christmas Countdown using a mini-muffin tin. This inspired me to throw in a little twist on it and create a "How Do I Love Thee?" version for the big V-Day!! Voila!! Here is the final result....


This was SUPER easy to make - perfect if you are in a crunch trying to think up something fun to do for your man! It will be even easier for you since I have already created the FREE printables that you will need. :)


You will need to gather the following materials seen in the picture below: a mini-muffin tin (with 24 "slots"), a cutting board and/or scissors, my FREE printables, & fun ribbon.


You all LOVE how beat-up my cutting board is, right?!? We have been through a lot together! {WINK} OK - you will also need to gather magnetic tape & some kind of scrapbooking adhesive. I like to use those dots they sell at scrapbooking stores. It's also optional if you want to round your corners & ink the edges of all of the cards. It will look absolutely adorable without doing either of those two no worries if you don't have ink or a punch for the corners.

Your first step is to cut everything out. I know, I prob already knew that, huh! Tee, hee. I am a teacher by day & a crafty lady/expert flirt-with-my-man by night! What can I say - I am used to being around FIFTH graders all day! :)


Now - you will need to use a powerdrill to create the holes in which the ribbon is strung through! Yep, you heard me! Don't worry - this will just make you feel that much more powerful! I grabbed our drill and created holes that were about 5 1/2 inches apart. {Hint: I would use a ruler & mark two dots with a marker at the exact places you want to drill.} String your ribbon through those holes & tie. You can then adhere the two "banners/sayings" to the top & bottom with the scrapbooking adhesive of your choice. Finally, grab your magnetic tape & cut tiny pieces off the magnetic tape & apply it to the top & bottom of each of the cards....see the pic below.


Last but not least - write down 24 things (on little slips of paper) that you absolutely LOVE about your man!! Fold them up and put one inside each "cup"!



....and THAT is how you create a "How Do I Love Thee?" surprise for your man!! :) I also thought this would be fun to do with your children as well. You could even use this as a "countdown" to V-Day....starting on January 22 (idea for next year) OR start on February 1st and have it go through most of year, of course! You could put treats, notes, compliments, etc. inside each cup! The options are endless! But THIS year - use it to surprise your man on Valentine's Day! Who WOULDN'T want to read 24 compliments about themselves!?!


Now....I mentioned that my husband was the inspiration behind my blogging...let me give you a little bit of an explanation about that! :) I am part of an 11-member blogging team over at The Dating Divas. So, what is OUR website about?? Well, I am LUCKY enough to have wonderful friends who all adore their husbands as much as I do!! My friends and I decided that we were letting LIFE get in the way...and we weren't spending as much time focusing on our amazing spouses as we would like! We were forgetting to slow down and continue to date the person we were going to spend the rest of our lives with.


Our solution?!? To collaborate on amazing & creative date ideas, fun gift ideas for our spouses, family activities to help strengthen the love in our homes, great cooking tips, quick & easy romance ideas, and MUCH, much more!! {You better believe we CRAFT IT UP as well!!} ANYTHING that would help enhance our already ROCKIN' marriages!! We even decided to share tips on how to look good for our man AND ideas on how to keep things HOT in a certain room.....


...but you are gonna have to visit our website for THAT! {lol}


Thanks for letting me be a "Ucreate" gal today! :) Stop on by The Dating Divas to get more ROMANCE tips so you can keep dating that amazing man of yours!


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