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Creative Guest: Flower Pillow by Attempting Aloha

OK, would it be appropriate for me to tell you that I almost wet myself when Kari responded to my email and said she'd like to feature one of my ideas? No? Well then, I'll leave it at "I was really super duper extraordinarily excited". ;)
UCreate? Are you kidding me?

I'm Charlie (pink...not blue), and I started my blog Attempting Aloha last October after purchasing our first home here on Oahu. I know you're a little jealous that it's 80 degrees and lovely today, and we're heading to the beach this weekend, but can we still be friends? ;)  Anyway, I'm a crazy crafter and DIY'er with a ginormous "honey-can't-do" list (the hubs is in residency right now, so we rarely see him), so I'm learning to get it done myself! But I'm trying to relax a bit and learning to live the Aloha life.
Today I'm going to show you how to make a Full Flower Pillow.  I made the one pictured above as a tester with some cheap fabric, so I could eventually chop up my wedding dress and make this one for one of my three girlies (I'll be making two different styles of pillows for the other two girls with more of my dress later on):

This tutorial will be featuring the first pillow, though. Here's what you'll need to make an 17" square pillow: * 1  yard of fabric - at least 45" width * 17" square pillow form * Sewing needle and thread * Sewing machine for pillow form * Scissors *Chick flick Optional: * Button or other embellishment for center Step 1)  Cut out the pieces for your pillow form. I used a tutorial from Brooke from All Things Thrifty to make my pillow form. For our 17" pillows, we will need one 18"x18" piece and two 18"x12.5" pieces. Step 2) Tear your strips of fabric for the flower. I did mine up the 36" side, and if you've never torn fabric, it's typically easy depending on the fabric you've chosen (the satin fabric I had on my wedding dress pillow was MUCH too strong to tear, so I had to cut that one and then fray the edges by taking out strings from the edge).  For regular cotton fabrics, cut a small snip at 3", and just go ahead and rip straight up the fabric! I ended up with 6 strips were 3"x36".

Step 3) Start your rosette bud. Fold the end of one of your strips of fabric and then strat rolling it up as you bunch the fabric slightly to give it more fullness. Once you have a good start, hand stitch the bottom a few times to secure it.

Step 4) Attach the rosette bud to the center of your 18"x18" piece.
I hold on to the rosette and the fabric and flip it over to stitch it with my right hand. Here's a pic of the reverse side:

Step 5) Start stitching the rest of the flower. If you want to be precise, you can take a pencil and draw a spiral pattern on the reverse, so you can follow that while stitching. I think flowers are naturally imperfect, so I just kind of wing it (I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal anyway). My rows are about 1"-1.5" apart. Just scrunch/bunch as you go!.
Mine looked quite messy from the back once finished:
But no worries...she's just lovely on the front! Step 6) Add your center embellishment. I used three small buttons for this one.
Step 7) Use Brooke's tutorial to finish the rest of the pillow, and BE SURE to tuck in your flower edges when you're sewing, so you don't accidentally sew the "petal" into your seam! Since my flower was a slightly imperfect, my pillow ended up being more of a rectangle than a square. I stitched up the side of my pillow form and cut the excess right off. Not bad for a tester project! I thought she might want to live in the master bedroom with our wrought iron headboard:
But she asked if she could chill in my Mom Cave, so I let her stay in there instead. ;)
Thanks for spending a few minutes with me (or an hour or so if you're making your own!). And a ginormous MAHALO to Kari for letting me spend the day here on her blog. She's a supah star. If you're freezing your buns off and need to spend a day in Hawaii, you now know where to find me! Stop by Attempting Aloha and soak up some sunshine!! Aloha, Charlie


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