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Fabric Friday - Choosing fabric for Game Board Quilt

Whew what a stressful few weeks we've had. I hate to get negative on my blog but life happens. I won't go into details but I'm certainly ready for a change of luck and praying for blessings.

On to Fabric Friday. I am almost done with my checkerboard for the Game Board Quilt. If you want to sew along or follow, see Syd's blog at Alpine Quilt Retreats. It is going to be a fun and unusual quilt to make. (I swiped some of my photos from Syd's blog, go see her quilt for more pics.)
I was auditioning sashing for my block. And I decided on the green scallop inside with the stripe outside. If you notice I solved the mitered corners problem by using a stop blocks in the corners. It worked out great and I love the look and will probably take that into all my blocks.
I used some interesting striped fabric and fussy cut it for the shashing. I made a mistake when I sewed the outside strip but I'm not fixing it. I didn't notice it until days later so I figure it is okay. At least I did the same thing on opposite sides. Oh well. Mistakes happen and sometimes add character. I like how the stripe makes it look like I stitched several fabrics together for multiple sashings.
I'm trying to decide now on the very last border for the block. I wanted a kind of bias twist to the very edge cut very narrow so it kind of looks like that outside tape they put on the edges of a game board. I like this fabric above for the edge.
I also like this fabric from Sandy Klop. I've had this waiting for the perfect project. I love the tickets too. Maybe I'll incorporate them somehow into the quilt as well. This fabric is on the bias but it might be too wide for the very edge.
The nice thing about this Sandy Klop fabric is that in this 1 yard cut there are 4 different fabrics to choose from. I love bonanza fabric like that with several prints in one. I'll make a decision today on what to put on the very outside of the checkers block but I'm leaning towards the first one.
I'm starting to plan my other blocks as well. I have the same bird fabric Syd used in her Hi-Ho Cherry-O block background. I might use that. I have another fabric I've ordered that hasn't arrived yet. So I'm kind of undecided about the background still. But this is the next block we are making so I'd better decide.
I am going to use this cherry print above for the trees. Syd used wool for her trees. And I understand why - so she could punch holes in so the cherries would stay. I'm not sure yet how I'll do mine but I really want to use this cherry fabric since I already have it. I think that check on point/bias will make a nice sashing for this block. I guess if I just laid the cherries on top of the trees that wouldn't be so horrible (with no holes). Any other suggestions?
I'm thinking ahead to Chutes and Ladders. I'm going to use wool for the chutes and ladders like Syd did for sure. That looks like the easiest path.
I want to really make the game board choppy and piecey (not a word) so I'm going to use several fabrics. I had this fabric above for another project I'm working on (will post eventually about that). It is a Riley Blake fabric and the colors are perfect for fitting the baby quilts I'm making. So I think it will look okay if I fussy cut the numbers and use them with.....
these number fabrics. I'm going to fussy cut the one on the left. I'm not really into sandal and swim suit fabric but I love the fact that the numbers will be easily fussy cut. The smaller number fabric I'll have to see how it works into the project. It may really very very piecey.
I haven't thought about the Parcheesi block yet. We've never been big game players so I have to tell you I've never played Parcheesi, even as a kid. I wonder if I could make a Candy Land block? Hmm. What do you think? That was a game I loved. It would be typical of me to just add my own thing. I'm going to just make a bag for the game board pieces and put them all into one bag. I think that will be easier than attaching them to the quilt.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Shelbie and I have Allison today. So it will be a fun day for us. I hope to get some sewing done this weekend. And hopefully things will turn around and life will be more sunny.



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