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Fabric Friday - Tablecloths

Years even before I started making quilts with relish I started a tablecloth collection. When I was growing up we only had a few tablecloths but I loved the ritual of taking the tablecloths out at holidays and setting the table with special dishes. I have 2 tablecloths from my mom (Freda) and they bring out wonderful memories when I get them out. Even the gravy stains are remembered. I thought I would show a few of my tablecloths from my small collection.
Most of you know I'm from Pennsylvania. I love everything PA Dutch. This is a table cloth I bought in the 80s while on a trip to Pennsylvania. I've never used this but I should.
My favorite hex sign is the clover. All hex signs have meaning. I'm not really sure what the clover means.
This is another PA Dutch table cloth - vintage. I purchased this one used/thrifted. The table cloth is full of PA Dutch (German) sayings. This one in the heart means "Home is where the heart is". I didn't take 13 years of German for nothing. Well from 4th grade to college. The sad thing is I really don't remember much.
You can see Fastnacht in the kitchen pic above. There are so many spellings for Fastnacht. They are delicious donuts made this time of year (was yesterday Fasnacht day?). We always celebrated it in Pennsylvania. The last one up on Fastnacht day was the loser. I don't know much more but they were delicious. If you are interested, here is the recipe for Fastnachts from the county where I grew up.
This is tablecloth I get out at Thanksgiving. The cloth is Early American but a little PA Dutch, too, I think.
I love the needle point look of it. This one is vintage, too.
This pink and navy cloth is vintage too with several stains and even a tiny hole. But I love it anyway. It is also a little harvest themed.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I cleaned my sewing room this week and I'm ready to sew and make it messy with projects.



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