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Isn't the combination of blogging and the internet just the most amazing thing? It is incredible to realize that people around the globe could turn on their computer and see what Nanette in little Alpine Utah recently made! It is almost magic. It is hard to imagine that the first pattern I recently sold for Dreaming Princess was to a quilter in Sweden. It is like bringing the world into my sewing room.

Two international experiences recently came my way:

Last year I had an email from Tineke, the editor of a quilting magazine in the Netherlands called Quilt & Zo. Tineke asked me if I would provide the magazine with a photo of my String Spool Quilt and let them publish the tutorial for the quilt in the magazine.
Quilt and Zo is a fantastic magazine with wonderful projects. I was very flattered and happy to have my quilt published in the Netherlands for people with interests the same as mine.
They did a lovely job with a full page color photo of my quilt and then instructions on the opposite page. It is written in Dutch, of course, but you can access my tutorial here.
I really love this quilt. This quilt is one that I thought of in the middle of the night. I hadn't really had exposure to string quilting before I made this quilt years ago. I just had the picture in my mind of what I wanted to make and that I wanted to use my scraps to make it.
It is an easy quilt and very dear to my heart. I remember my mom, Freda, having some olive green wood spools of thread in her sewing room that I thought were really pretty compared to the natural wood spools. My quilter, Wren, did an amazing job quilting it. I think this quilt is 6 years old or so.

My 2nd international experience is shared with several women from all over the world and was sparked by Ayumi from Pink Penguin. If you haven't been a follower of Ayumi, you simply must start. She's an amazing, lovely girl (and newlywed) with a fantastic eye and boat load of talent.
Ayumi and I have a love of fabric that overlaps. We like much of the same types of fabric including Suzuko Koseki fabric. You can read about Ayumi's project that she involved me in here. Ayumi asked me if I wanted to group with other women and make coasters to give to Suzuko. I also blogged about it here.
This is the photo from Ayumi's blog where she talks about the wonder of meeting Suzuko and seeing her talent first hand. You've got to go read about what is going on in Suzuko's studio.

It is incredible to me to have my coaster living with Suzuko in Japan and the photo and tutorial to my string quilt in the Netherlands. Fantastic. Isn't life full of surprises?



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