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Game Board Quilt 2011

This year's Alpine Quilt Group project quilt is Syd's idea: Game Board Quilt. You can read about her ideas for this quilt here. Syd will post the instructions each month for this quilt. You can make this along with us.
Here is a photo (from where I was sitting) of the quilt top. Here are better photos of the quilt. In the quilt will be checkers, Parcheesi, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, and Chutes and Ladders. Even though my family isn't really game players I'm excited to make this quilt. The blocks look a little complicated but I'm excited to make it.
The back of the quilt will be twister.
Here is Syd presenting the quilt to our group and showing us the first block.
I am going to keep up with this. I started by sewing the red and black strips together.
Then I stitched them together. In the photo the dots are a little blinding but I don't think it is that horrible in real life. I'm auditioning borders right now. I think I'll use this stripe as one border. But this means I will probably have to miter borders. EEEK. I don't like doing that. Maybe I'll look up a tutorial on YouTube or something because I forget every time and there have to be some tricks.

I think this quilt will really be fun to have and make.



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