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Going On A Date ;)

Saturday night The Gentleman From Virginia took Sarah and I out to see "Tangled" (the new Rapunzel movie) at Cinema Cafe. Waiting till it came there is worth it, because it's only $3.75 to see it! :)
I really enjoyed the movie, and especially the music in it, even though we missed the first five or ten minutes. :) It's always fun to go on a "date" with him! :)
Afterward, since the movie theater was in the mall, we went into Macy's and tried on all the huge Sunday hats! :) Sarah looks great in the cute little caps and cloches and things like that, while I looked better in the wide, floppy brimmed hats :) It was a lot of fun and Daniel took pictures of us with his cell phone. It's funny to hear what people think of a guy taking girls out! :) We were at the gas station and I had a funny conversation with the guy in line behind me:

Me: at the register paying for candy
Man in line behind me: "If he's takin' you out, he's supposed to pay for everything!"
Me: "Oh, well he pays for a lot of stuff a lot of the time so I'm buying my own candy."
Man: smiles pityingly ;) "If he's takin' you out, he's supposed to pay for everything. Everything."

:D If he only knew the many debts I owe to my most obliging Gentleman From Virginia, he'd soon rest quietly on that subject of treating us to a movie! :D Anyway, that was our fun evening!


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