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Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day. When I was just a kid we had a candy store in the middle of our block in the basement level of a home. They would always decorate for holidays and have seasonal items in the store as well as candy and treats. Each February Mr. Schumacher would get these little double cherry candies in his store for Washington's birthday. I would spend a nickle for a double cherry. They were really fun. I found these (above) at an Etsy shop. They are a little different than Mr. Schumacher's but the nostalgic value is perfect.
Before Christmas I found these little mini colanders. They really are very small. I made it look like a fat quarter pack inside them by folding feed sack charm squares into a bundle and then stringing them together to look fat quarterish. Fun gift idea. I had a really busy family weekend with not much sewing at all. But I did chain stitch some picnic blocks. It feels good to sew even for a few moments when time is limited.

Hope you have a nice day off or just a nice day today.



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