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I Know Something About You! ;)

If you have been reading our blog for a year or so, you may remember the post in which we guessed one random thing about each of our followers. Click here to read it! We had so much fun with that, that I decided to do it again! :) I will use my Sherlock Holmes-ish mind ;) and guess one thing for each person. If you start following us this week I will edit the post and guess something about you too! :) So here we go!

The Media Girl: You began following this blog because we are somehow a little related to The Child Documentary
Shi of Narnia: You are allergic to sunflowers
Lauren Skylar: Spiders creep you out- especially hairy ones
Daughter of the King (Hannah Grace): If you could meet one famous person, Lewis, from the Lewis and Clark expedition would be on the top of your list
Erin Spencer: Black is your least favorite color
Wise Virgin_777: You have four cats
Hannah Ozee: Pink is the bane of your existance
Collin Davis: You know the Post family
Stephanie: Sometimes you just feel like you need to run. No particular reason why, but you need to!
Leia: When we met you it took you at least a minute to guess who we were and why we came up like we knew ya'll
Gwenea Faelwen: You look very good in dark purple
Fireside Farmer: If you could play one more instrument than you already do, it would be the bagpipes
Leanna Ozee: If given the choice between singing in front of a crowd of 1,000, or swimming in a freezing creek, you'd choose the creek.
Bailey: You've always thought that "Rose" is a pretty name
Micah: You sometimes wonder if you are related to European royalty
Nana: There are times when the song "The Big Rock Candy Mountains" matches your mood perfectly
Ashley: You'd choose to spend time with horses rather than people now and then
King's Daughter: You can sing like Doris Day on command ;)
Graham Donahue: You often start whistling while pitch-forking hay to your animals
Miss Zara: If you could visit another country, it would be Italy
The Butler Girls: You are sick to death of Chik-fil-A food
Maddie: You don't much like polka dots
Anna: Sometimes you get a major craving for mint-chocolate-chip icecream
Jessica: You love Psalms best of any Bible book
Abigail: You are wondering how long it will take for the scorched areas to green up
Beth Nell: You smile every time you look at your engagement ring
Elisa Abele: Life is hard at times, but you still manage to find something to laugh at every day
Oliver: You are already contemplating an retort to this guess
God's Cowgirl: Tornados are you secret terror
Oldest of Many: Baseball will soon be your life
Elliott: Delicious food has been harder to come by since Meredith left
Morgan: You are developing a violin-mark
The Gentleman From Virginia: Pigs don't fly, but if they did, you'd post a video on youtube
Melissa Ozee: Fish, and especially gold-fish make you feel tired
Horsecrazy15: You can't swim for real
Alaina Wright: You are tired of your herbal course
Naomi Wright: You stay up very late and get up very late
Non-existent Anymore: You are still around, but like to keep yourself enigmatical
Brooke: You love visiting Niagra Falls, since you live nearby ;)
Jo March: If you chose a male pen name from Star Wars it'd be Han Solo
Okay! There you go! Almost entirely random, and wild guesses! :) Leave a comment and tell us if I was right!!! ~Rachel


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