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Quilts for Painting

If you're a regular follower you know I have a friend that is an artist, Jan. Jan has painted me some of the most wonderful paintings in trade for quilts. I'm always happy to trade as I know I'm getting the very best of the deal. I treasure those paintings so much.
A few months back Jan brought me a new painting, fully framed. It is a late summer scene showing the bounties of a garden in still life with beautiful China dishes. Things I love. And I really love the frame, too. Jan knew I would want it. Jan is multi talented and can sew and quilt herself but is so generous to share her talent with me. And she is patient. I love that quality. I was super busy at the time Jan brought me her painting. Well, I'm always busy, but I've juggled some time to fulfill my end of the bargain.
This weekend I started on one of the quilt tops I'm making for her. This will be a baby/youth quilt with this great paper doll fabric Jan brought along with the pattern to make the quilts.
I have this quilt to make and another similar. Nine patch blocks are so fun to make. I happily picked out some prints from my stash to go with the paper doll fabric. It was so relaxing and therapeutic to work on a fun pattern with fabric I adore. I feel like I'm taking advantage of Jan since I'm enjoying making this so much.

Now I have to pick out a stop border. Oh what fun.



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