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Snow + 12 years + Superbowl = FUN.

This week has been super crazy for Texas weather.  First off, Texas people just AINT ready for all this white stuff! {said with a texan twang}.  The Snow is actually not the bad part and besides it is so pretty! It is the ICE that we get that is bad news.

So, to sum it up there were rolling blackouts, frozen pipes {thankfully none broke}, food supply quickly became low, School Cancelled for 4 DAYS {FOUR}, Snow Angels...
And best of all... Snow Ice Cream... How fun is that!  Love it!  Found a pretty good recipe, too! There were some other ones that used more ingredients, but remember I mentioned the food supply shortage? So, this one worked Beau-ti-mus!  YUMMMM!!!

Saturday, the snow finally began to melt and Hubby and I ventured out without the kiddos to celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary.  We went to Texas de Brazil... and it was GOOD!!!!  Best place E-V-E-R!

Today, we enjoyed spending time with the kiddos and watching the Superbowl!

Tomorrow... back to the daily routine... school, work, dinner, bed.


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