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Teaching Abby to Read and Learning I Speak English Wrong

I never thought that I had much of an accent. But apparently I do. And apparently it's a stumbling block for my younger siblings. ;) I never thought that my pronunciation of the "wh" part of words like "where" and "while" and "whale" was abnormal. I never thought that saying "seer-up" instead of "sur-up" was a problem. And I certainly never even noticed I said "ayg" instead of "ehg" for the innocent little word "egg". But I'm telling you it's dangerous, and catching.
Here's a peep into what I mean...

Setting: Me helping to teach Abby with her reading.

Me: Okay, what does this part say? (pointing to "en")
Abby: "in"
Me: No, no read it, don't guess.
Abby: e..e..e...n...n...EN!
Me: Right. Okay now what does this part say? (pointing to "men")
Abby: M...en....MIN!
Me: No Abby, it says M-en. Not min.
Abby: What does men mean?
Me: It's the same word. We just say it funny. Okay, now this one: (pointing to "hen")
Abby: H...en....hin!
Me: No, H-en. Not hin.
Abby: *sigh*
Me: All right. How about this one: (pointing to "Egg")
Abby: e...e...p...p..
Me: Those aren't "p's" dear, those are "g's" they say "guh"
Abby: Oh. What's an "ehg"?
Me: *sighing too* It's an "ayg", Abby. We just say that wrong too.

Haha! :) That made me laugh a lot. :) I guess I need an English tutor! :P ~Rachel


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