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Ties and Tales Friday

On our door you will find a bevy of unique ties. We ask that you take one* and write an anonymous wish, "what are you going to do with it?", or story. Here are a few examples of the words and anecdotes that people have shared with our gallery:

The following submission was one with what appeared to be many authors...

1. "We are all one human family"

2. "I will use my tie for..."

3. "She lay on the bed confronting the wall space with empty eyes...

the man she knew she loved she kept in a quiet box had given to her the freedom of knowing and understanding of wanting

and he spoke with words that echoed with gravel with pavement with goodbye

That she loved him last spoke highly of him

And she knew as he did she was no angel

but she could make a good sandwich

oh yeah. and we'll probably use the tie for bow chick a bow bow b/c he's more of a blue collar guy."

The next two were by different authors:

"I took a tie to give to my husband because he is
and because he loves me"

"I wish for every man and woman... (Stefanie) to color outside the lines!"

Feeling even more generous? We accept tie donations.
We want to keep this going so, if you like what you read, log off you PC, and come share it!


Studio Gallery

*due to the fact that our tie numbers have been dwindling we have changed the rules recently and ask that you write your wish etc... on the tie and leave it.
Thank You again for your participation!


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