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A Walk Through the Park

If you've already joined the Drawing Board mailing list and currently receive our newsletter, thank you! You might remember going on this "walk" together last month...but since there are so many new people joining us, i thought it would be nice to show them around
Central Park a bit...

How about we take a more complete look at the color range for the collection? There is quite a spectrum of possibilities for color combinations and prints that lend themselves to everything from children's clothes and quilts to pillows, throws and all sorts of accessories. There are nine prints that also come in laminates that are perfect for reusable grocery store totes or summer beach bags. I'm sure you'll have so many other great ideas, so please be sure to share them in the Central Park flickr group. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Since we're all eager for spring and warmer days ahead, let's dream of a sunny day in the Park that begins by taking a peek at the "Metro" and "Sunshine" colorways. Both are bright and saturated with a mix of florals and stylized prints that just make me so happy! Pick a linden tree to sit under and enjoy the flowers in the North Meadow:
"The Great Lawn" is the name of the sprawling field in the middle of the Park — a perfect spot for an afternoon picnic. The sun is shining brightly on the yellow-greens of the "Lawn" colorway, and there are cobblestone paths that meander along for a leisurely stroll...
or a visit to the Zoo!
If you've ever been to Central Park in NY, you may have walked around the enormous reservoir and perhaps been passed by horses on the bridle paths. Hard to imagine in the middle of a city, but it's a past-time that harkens back to the park's earliest days. This blue colorway is for all the glorious fountains, lakes and ponds that are a haven for the Park's wildlife:
The setting sun brings the day to a close and a purple cast overtakes the shadows in the "Plaza" colorway. I love the transition from day to evening in NY; when all the lights of the city define its landscape. There is still time for one more ride on the Carousel, though! Did you know there have been 4 carousels built in Central Park since 1871?
All in the same location.
Here's a little more trivia (and maybe you know this already): In 1890, there was an eccentric New Yorker and Shakespeare buff named Eugene Schiffelin who decided he wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare's writing to the United States. He brought 60 starlings over from Europe and let them go in Central Park. One of the first nests was spotted under the eaves of the Museum of Natural History. The birds took so well to North America, that their population today is somewhere around 200 million!!

Finally, i wanted to congratulate Claudia for being last month's winner of the first-ever newsletter-subscriber-only giveaway! She won a jelly roll of Central Park. You might just want to subscribe too. The March newsletter is in-the-works.
(if you know what i'm saying *wink, wink*)


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